Welcome to Mr. Champion's Classroom!


My name is Steven Champion and I have over 17 years of teaching experience in a multi-grade single classroom setting. I received My Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Science and Mathematics from UW Green Bay. I currently hold a NAD Teaching Certificate and continue to pursue excellence in teaching through ongoing education and study.

Teaching is both challenging and rewarding for me. My greatest satisfaction as a teacher has been to watch children develop and grow physically, mental-emotionally, and especially spiritually. A marvel that has God’s signature emblazoned upon it.

I was miraculously moved upon to become a teacher and more specifically a Christian School teacher. God continues to use providence and circumstance to confirm my decision to be a teacher for Him.

I like hands on activities and projects. One of my favorite projects is gardening. We are currently
planning a hydroponic garden.

Evangelism is very important to me as an educator. I love to go out into our community and send out Glow tracts as well as take donations for books. The students love this work and hopefully it nurtures a lifelong love for evangelism. Literature distribution benefits the recipients with the blessing of knowing the truth.

I enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, biking, skating, skiing, and nature walking. I especially enjoy quality time with my family.

I am looking forward with great anticipation for what God will do here at Five Oaks Adventist Christian school during the 2020/21 school year. We believe that under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit some great things will take place.

Because of our Biblical worldview as Seventh-day Adventists, we frame everything we believe to be true in the context of scripture. Jesus Himself said, “And these (scripture) are they which testify of Me” John 5:39. As we look to Jesus, we find in Him our greatest hopes and joys. In Him we find the personification of how to accomplish everything we need to accomplish. In Him we find the source of Life itself and the Way in which to live our lives to their fullest.